Power Point Lectures UNRS 314


Immunizations: Immunizations 2012

Lecture 2:  The Child with Altered Fluid and Electrolyte Status

Fluid and Electrolyte_10

Lecture 3: The Child with Inborn Error of Metabolism    The Child with Altered Endocrine Disorder

Alterations in Metabolic Status_10


Lecture 4: Pediatric Emergencies

Pediatric Emergencies_11 Pediatric Life Support PAL  PALS_11

Study Guide: Pediatric Advanced Life Support



Lecture 5: The Child with Altered Skin Integrity  The Child with an Infectious Disease

Skin Disorders: Skin Sepsis Immune_11


Lecture 6: The Child with Altered Cardiovascular Disorder

Cardiac: Cardiac_11

Web Lecture Site for cardiac anomalies

Kawasaki Disease: article with great photos

Feeding you child with CHF:


Case Study:  X-ray of enlarged heart and echo-cardiogram

 Pediatric Cardiac Heart Sounds

Lecture  7: The Child with Altered Respiratory Status

Respiratory Assessment: Resp Assessment_11

Alteration in Respiratory function_11

Pediatric lung sounds: asthma, bronchiolitis etc

Lecture 8: The Child with Altered Hamatologic Status


Lecture 9: The Child with Malignancy

Pediatric Malignancies_2010

Lecture 10: The Child with Altered Genitourinary Status

Gastrointestinal Assessment part 1_10

Gastrointestinal 2_10

Gastrointestinal part-3_10

Lecture 11: The Child with Altered Genitourinary Status

Genitourinary Assessment_10

Genitourinary Disorder_10

Lecture 12: The Child with Altered Neurologic Status


Lecture 13: The Child with Altered Musculoskeletal Status

Orthopedic Assessment

Orthopedics Disorders

Orthopedic Infectious and Inflammatory Disorders

Pediatric Factures

Neurovascular Assessment